Timeline of Srishti Madurai activities from (Jan 2018-2019 April)

Timeline of service’s done by Srishti Madurai LGBTQIA+ Student Volunteer Movement to create awareness on Intersex Human Rights in India. Few of these events listed are supported by Astraea Foundation IHF, OII Chinese, Taiwan along with Intersex Asia Network.
Historic Judgment: On 22 April 2019 Based on the works of Gopi Shankar of Srishti Madurai, the Madras High Court Madurai bench passed a landmark judgment to issue a Government Order to ban sex-selective surgeries on Intersex Infants & Children in Tamil Nadu. The Judgment also cited the Maltese law, WHO Reports and passages from Intersex Asia Network Statement. The same judgment also recognized the marriage rights of Transwomen/Intersex Women under Hindu marriage law.
CREA RE conference 2019  – Gopi Shankar Madurai was a speaker at Ungendering sports panel where ze spoke about the “Justice for Santhi” campaign initiated by Srishti Madurai, Gopi also spoke about the female athletes with Intersex traits, the intersections of language, caste, religion in Sports. 10,11,12 April 2019
ILGA World Conference 2019 – Supported by RFSL, OII Chinese 
the United Nations Independent Expert on SOGI, Victor Madrigal-Borloz met with regional representatives of the new ILGA World Intersex Committee, the group discussed intersex people’s realities with the Independent Expert which includes Gopi Shankar of Srishti Madurai and Ze was also part of 3-panel discussions.

On Media: Intersex activist Gopi Shankar Madurai to speak at 40th ILGA World Conference New Zealand – The Times of India
Tamil Intersex Human Rights Campaign – Srishti Madurai Organized closed door awareness program for legal authorities in the State of Tamil Nadu, Various policy needs of the Intersex community in India was addressed. 4 Oct 2018
Introducing Intersex Human Rights Studies– Srishti Madurai & The Post Graduate Department of Tamil of the American College in Madurai introduced “Maraikappata Pakkangal” the first book on LGBTQ+ & Intersex Human Rights in the Tamil language as part of syllabus under Intersex Human Rights Studies for Tamil Department Students. 8 June 2018 
Intersex Human Rights at Arth Indian Culture Fest 2019, Delhi – Representatives from Srishti Madurai spoke at 4 various panels on Intersections of faith, gender, sex and Intersex Human Rights in Indian Culture. 8,9,10, Feb 2019.
Workshop – 70 Tamil women activists from Sri Lanka, India attended Srishti Madurai’s lecture & workshop on “Understanding Intersex Human Rights in South Asia”. 26 Jan 2019.
Seminar – Representatives from Srishti Madurai delivered a lecture on Intersex human rights in India at the National Seminar of “Being and Doing Gender” organized by TNYTF & University of Madras, Department of Women Studies. 6,7th Dec 2018.
The Matrixial Intersex Festival – Srishti Madurai organized the Matrixial Intersex fest to celebrate the Intersex Human Rights and honor renowned queer theorist and psychoanalytic theorist, artist Dr. Bracha Ettinger  200 students from 7 colleges and universities attended the event. 15 Dec 2018. 

On Media: ‘Art can heal’ – The Hindu
Special Panel on Human rights of female athletes with Intersex traits – Gopi Shankar and Athlete Santhi Soundarajan jointly delivered a session “Why India Must Not Fail Santhi Soundarajan” at Asia’s 1st  Ekamra Sports Literary Festival 2018 organized by the Sports & Youth Services Department, Government of Odisha, on Nov 2nd & 3rd, 2018 as a precursor to the Hockey World Cup 2018 took place in Bhubaneswar.

On Media : Santhi slams IAAF, media over ‘hyperandrogenism’ – Orissa Post
Revision of Hyperandrogenism policy sought – Gopi Shankar – The New Indian Express
On #IntersexAwarenessDay 2018 Srishti Madurai have distributed 100 Tamil books on Understanding #Intersex Human Rights to 12 educational institutions with the support of Astraea IHF.  26 Oct 2018
Night Chat with Humanities Students – Gopi Shankar delivered a special talk on “Understanding #Intersex Human Rights, Sex, Gender, Sexuality, #LGBTQIA+ and #Section377 at Zumbro Hall Madurai. 200 Students participated in this event. Organized by Srishti Madurai & Uraikkal Team Sep 2018

Celebrating IPC 377 interpretation from Indian Apex Court Sep 2018
On Media: Section 377 verdict: Everyone will have their basic rights once again in centuries – Mumbai Mirror 
Academic Lecture on Intersex Human Rights in India at “Extending Postcolonialism: Living in an age of Precarity and Precariousness” is a the two-day national conference, on 4 and 5 of February 2019 at Christ University, Bengaluru event attended by 1500 students and scholars partnered with Srishti Madurai.   
 Team Srishti Madurai members organized a panel discussion on 5th Aug 2018 5:30 at Hall of Guiness68 Dept of Manufacturing Engineering CEG Anna University to understand the Indigenous Gender Minorities of Bharath, contemporary LGBTQIA+ movements & #Intersex Human Rights in India this event was witnessed by 100+ students, celebrities, academicians, social activists, and lawmakers.

Team Srishti Madurai delivered 2 part lecture series at Indus University, Karnavati, Gujarat on Understanding Indigenous Gender Minorities of India Part 1, Understanding contemporary LGBTQIA+ movements in India Part 2.

On YouTube (Tamil) In Tamil to understand the difference between Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation – Indus University, Gujarat

Part 1 English Talk
Part 2 English Talk

Religion and Theology:  
Team Srishti Madurai organized a 2-day workshop for Christian Theological Students to at Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary at Madurai to understand the contemporary #LGBTQIA+ Movements, #Intersex Human Rights & Theological perspectives of Sex, Gender & Sexuality. Sep 3, 2018.
Team Srishti Madurai co-partnered with NCCI to offer lectures on Intersex Human Rights to Theological Students from Asia. Organized by Myanmar Institute of Theology with Church of Sweden, Burma, April 2018
YouTube (Tamil) – Conversation with celebrity Singer Chinmayi Sripada on Understanding Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Intersex Human Rights in India.   Oct 7, 2018

On Youtube: 

Santhi Soundarajan & Singer Chinmayi

Part 1: Conversation with Gopishankar Madurai – Part 1- Singer Chinmayi 

Part 2:Conversation with Gopi Shankar – Part 2 – Singer Chinmayi
Part 3: Conversation with Gopi Shankar – Part 3 – Singer Chinmayi

Webinar with Pride circle on Intersex workplace inclusion   
Srishti Madurai & VIF Webinar & Lecture What we got? And what we didn’t. Intersex Human Rights and  Review on Transgender persons rights bill 2016, 4th January 2019
Radio Shows:
More than 4 Tamil Radio Shows on Intersex Human Rights were aired in collaboration with Radio Mirchi Jan 2018
Movie, TV Appearance:
“GOPI” Portuguese/Eng documentary movie on Intersex Human Rights in South India by Viviane D Avila co-produced by Srishti Madurai was screened at the Rio Film Festival, Brazil. This is a 1st movie on Intersex human rights to premiere at Festival do Rio 2018 1-7 Nov, Brazil

From Official Website: “GOPI” Movie – Festival do Rio Official Site 

Gopi on Dakshin Diaries Show – March 2019
From Official Website: In Conversation with Intersex Activist Gopi Shankar Madurai- Living Foodz TV

 Legal Cases
Srishti Madurai gave 16 legal representations for getting justice to Intersex individuals in Tamil Nadu. (Jan 2018-2019 April)

On Media:  Athlete Santhi files harassment complaint – The Hindu

Santhi Soundarajan accuses SDAT colleague of caste, gender based discrimination – TNM

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