Srishti Madurai was established on 2nd September 2011 by Gopi Shankar in Madurai as the first Genderqueer & Intersex LGBTQA+ student volunteer group designed to target specifically to the problems of diverse SOGIESC people in non-metro cities of Tamil Nadu. Rather than creating awareness Srishti started to educate both community and the public about gender politics and issues regarding gender & sexuality.

Later in 2012 Srishti completely turned as a student volunteer Genderqueer & LGBTQIA Literature, Research & Resource circle to build the human resources, resources on Genderqueer & LGBTQIA in regional language with theoretical base in pan cultural context of India. Also, such an initiative is of first of its kind in any LGBTQIA group in India. Our Science, Arts, Philosophy club further aims to approach the alternate sexualities and genders from a scientific, sociological, anthropological, psycho analytical, religious, philosophical and political perspective and impart people with the scientific knowledge of queer community. 

Srishti Madurai in 2013 has an entirely new dimension of turning into a space that extends beyond the gender and sexuality, which was its initial focus. Now it is a space which incorporates Science, Arts, Philosophy etc, aiming at the intersections of Nature, Human and society. Now Srishti Madurai is one of the inclusive groups of its kind which has involved academicians, independent scholars, human rights activist, environmentalists, animal rights activists and genderqueer activists.

In 2014 Srishti Madurai was upgraded as an educational research foundation and registered as Srishti Madurai Educational Trust. 

Srishti Madurai is a space which explores the inter-relations of nature, human and society, via the conscious or unconscious sediments of the members who constitute Srishti Madurai, in a parallel, interdisciplinary, multiple and universal Dharmic approach”

The term “sediments” refer to any means of expressions of interactions (which include actions, thoughts and their internal and external manifestations) via linguistic/non-linguistic, expressed/unexpressed, scientific/unscientific and several other expandable list of methodologies or procedures or un-defined pathways.

Parallel: Allows the sediments to follow comparative, analogical, metaphorical methodologies instead of restricting to reducing methodologies. The usage of the term “parallel” doesn’t inhibit the usage of reducing methods in the overall dynamics of Srishti Madurai.

Interdisciplinary: Combining knowledge/methodologies from several Dharmic disciplines rather than relying on a single field

Multiple: Refers the aspect of “multiplicity” in methodologies, fields, goals and activities.

Universal: Though adapting multiple aspects, Srishti Madurai has a “universal” approach which means that the objectives and activities are open to “anyone”.

Anyone: Anyone refers to any human being, cyborg, robot or other species.

Conscious: It specifically refers to non-dual rational aspects.

Unconscious: It specifically refers to diverse irrational aspects

Aspect/s: Whatever that is included under “Srishti Madurai”