Open for anyone irrespective of age, class, culture, gender and sexuality or any other expandable list of identities.

Application Process

  • Interested applicants who wish to be a member of Srishti Madurai must contact us initially via e-mail:
  • The minimum amount of time for an applicant to become a member is five years.
  • If an applicant wants to be a member they must contact the Srishti Madurai directly via in person presence. Emails, letters and other means will be only accepted after acceptance of a valid identity certificate.
  • The identity certificate that is communicated to us, must be a government issued certificate.
  • Membership will be only confirmed after the Srishti Madurai’s committee will be satisfied enough to accept the applicant, that they are eligible to be a member of Srishti Madurai.
  • Under the circumstances where the ‘membership application’ is not accepted, but the application is in the process of reviewing, the applicant can have restricted access to the aspects of Srishti Madurai, and such applicants will be considered in one of our member categories.

Member Categories

  • First Year: Pre-probationer
  • Third Year: Probationer
  • Fourth and Fifth Year: Post-probationer