Second Year of Srishti Madurai

Srishti Madurai 2nd founder’s day 2.9.2013

A handful of student volunteer team inspired by each other in Madurai. We call our team as Srishti.

No words can express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the overwhelming support and kindness everybody showed to Srishti. 

One by one each days flew by, 2 years of memories, that you shared with Srishti. From big events and holidays, to simple daily pleasures. Some tearful times along life’s way, some joys that cant be measured. 2 years now gone, but still our gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and trying to create a space to celebrate who we are. 

This 2 years of service made us to take a baby step to bring up a social space for LGBTQI & Genderqueer task in Madurai. 

The Alan Turning Rainbow festival 2012 -13 educated 8000 students in Madurai.

                                    Celebrated The Asia’s first Genderqueer festival.

Thanks TOI Madurai

Conducted 25 seminars & Created regional resources, coined Tamil terms for genderqueer people.

Conducted gender & philosophy class for Ministry of education (Tamil Dept) Singapore, EMRC (The Educational Multimedia Research Centre) of Madurai. 

Helping 2 women scholars do to P.hd in genderqueer studies.

Launched 24 hours helpline for Genderqueer & LGBTQI people in India.

Assisted with the project and documentation

work of several students of Mass Media Communication and Social work dept from MCC College, Manipal University, Uppsala University Sweden, The American College, Madurai, Bowdoin College, New England and Amrita Vishwa Vidhya peetam. 

Of-course number doesn’t matter for Srishti Madurai but we are happy that we reached more young hearts in Madurai during Srishti’s 2nd birthday.

Srishti offered 1 free seat for a student in SRM University, helping aid & livelihood support for 1 Transmen in Madurai, 1 free school seat for a student in Mahatma schools, mdu, livelihood help for 5 old LGBT people, conducted free yoga classes for 75 village children.

still many to share.

All this happened in Madurai because of your support. 

be with us…

support us…

it’s our family

your’s in service of queer community

Srishti Madurai, Coimbatore Students Team

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