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Srishti Madurai is a space which explores the interrelations of nature, human and society via the conscious or unconscious sediments of the members who constitute Srishti Madurai in a parallel, interdisciplinary, multiple and universal approach.

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Celebrating 1st National Intersex Human Rights Day

April 22, 2020 marks the first anniversary of the landmark judgment of Madras High Court recognising human rights of intersex people. Today, the intersex community in India is celebrating the first National Intersex Human Rights Day. It is a momentous day in the journey of intersex rights in India. This judgment led to a ban…

Official Statement of Srishti Madurai: Recommendations on Intersex Rights in India by the United Nations Treaty Body on Disability Rights

22nd Session CRPD reviewing India, UNHRC, Geneva Srishti Madurai welcomes the recommendations made by the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with respect to intersex rights while considering the initial report of India. In particular, we heartily welcome the concluding observations calling India to “adopt measures to prevent sex assignment or “sex…

Celebrating Nine Years of Srishti Madurai’s Journey in Service of Trust (Dharma) and Justice

Namaste/Vanakam Love and greetings from Srishti Madurai! Wish you happy Ganesh Chaturthi / VinayakaChaturthi On 2nd September 2019, we are celebrating nine years of our journey as India’s first Genderqueer and Intersex led human rights movement. We began our journey with a humble aim to create a space for Genderqueer, Intersex and LGBTQA+ Indians in the public discourse.…