Statement from Srishti Madurai welcoming the Hon’ble Health Minister Announcement to Introduce State Intersex Policy in Tamil Nadu

99th Point of the announcement at Tamil Nadu State Legislative Assembly 2019

Srishti Madurai welcomes this week announcement (17 July 2019) at Tamil Nadu State Legislative Assembly (State Senate) by the Honorable Health Minister that Tamil Nadu government will be drafting guidelines for intersex surgeries with the help of stakeholders and experts. In addition, the government has also shown its commitment to cater to the health needs of intersex persons. This is a significant development ¬as it paves the way for Tamil Nadu to be the first state in India to have guidelines for protection of human rights of intersex infants.

Earlier this month, Srishti Madurai along with Intersex-Asia had organised the first-ever policy briefing meeting in Chennai. The meeting was aimed at bringing persons from intersex community, medical professionals and genetic scientists together to assist the government in drafting the guidelines for intersex surgeries. (On Media: Chennai: Meeting on intersex rights to be held on Friday – The Times of India)

We hope that the guidelines adopted by the Tamil Nadu government are drafted in alignment with the judgment of the Madras High Court which highlighted the constitutional rights of intersex infants/children.

We pledge our full support to the government of Tamil Nadu in drafting the guidelines with a hope that the guidelines become a model for the entire country to follow. If accepted nationally, India will be the third country in the world after Malta and Taiwan to have a legal protection regime for intersex persons.

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