Certificate Course on Ettingerian Psychoanalysis


Srishti Madurai Educational Research Foundation

As registered under 5/14 of THE INDIAN TRUSTS ACT, 1882

                            Certificate Course on Ettingerian Psychoanalysis

Aims of the Programme:
1.       To give an understanding of the Matrixial theory of Bracha L Ettinger.
2.       To study the role of Matrixial theory in Psychoanalysis.
3.       To study the role of Ettingerian Psychoanalysis in contemporary feminism.

Anybody interested in knowing about Ettingerian Psychoanalysis can apply for this course. The applicant must be able to speak and write in English or Tamil. There is no age limit for this program.

This certificate program can be useful for people involved in Psychoanalysis-Psychology, Cultural Studies, Humanities and art, artists and art analysts, feminists  etc.

Course  Structure:
1). This Course is an online based course. Once in a week the students will receive one lecture from the tutor and the full week is devoted for the course discussion and assignments. Each unit is valued by a course assignment.
2). You can take this Course at any time in a year.
2). There are three Tracks in the course.
Track A- Fully Online based Course
Track B- The Course is offered as a seminar or workshop based on the request by the institutions interested in having this course.
Track C- The Course is fully Online and the Person do a research work at the end of the Course based on the request by the interested applicant. 

3). Course Modules
1. History of Psychoanalysis
2. Introduction to basic Lacanian Psychoanalysis
3.Life and Works of Bracha L Ettinger
4.Matrixial Theory- Definition and Basics
5.Co-poiesis , co-in-habituation, Heimlich Effect
6. Metramorphosis
7. Ettingerian Concept on Art
8.Ettingerian Concept on Woman

The assessment will be based on the assignments for each module. The total assessment will be for 100 marks.

Interested applicants are requested to contact us at

Course Completion:
Once the Course is successfully completed the student receives a Certificate of Completion from Srishti Madurai signed by Bracha L Ettinger herself.

Course Fee:
The course fee is 3000 INR. However Srishti Madurai offers scholarships for people who are genuinely interested in the course, but unable to cover the complete fee.

Telephone: 9042462205, 9092282369.

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