Students of Santhi Soundarajan (Ensuring Childhood For All Children Initiative)

The poor and the underprivileged section creates most of India’s sportspersons

 To be the best in India, an athlete’s skill must extend beyond the athletic ability.
The initial hurdle is the absence, and shrinkage, of space for children to play, and the lack of training facilities and expert coaching. But it’s only the beginning of the ordeal — pursuit of serious sport leads to a tryst with the sporting establishment and the world of political brinkmanship, intrigue and compromise.

“The sports federations only select the players and send their entries. Whatever we are today is because of our own blood, sweat and tears, and not because of the federation.” – Santhi Soundarajan


To discover the inner potential of Indian Tamil girls in International arena to celebrate, encourage, train and share their spirit and participation in International sports

What are the benefits of this project?

 It is planned that initially 15 woman students will be selected with an increment of 5 students per year. They will be provided with best training, completely free of cost of any boarding and lodging.
1.    This centre gives major importance to woman students. Hence it contributes to the woman empowerment, especially targeted at rural woman.
2.    This centre provides occasional training for outside students and thus contributing their development in the art of sports.
3.    Apart from being a centre for training, it is a centre for research and education especially on sports. These novel educational activities could also contribute to the development of sports, and the sports as science.
4.    As aimed at sports education too, this could be a boon for the Tamil Nadu, as it could enhance the sports research scenario.
5.    The status of this centre will be trained in a manner that they could not just shine in the national level, but on International level too, by the training to participate in Asian games, Olympics etc. such an initiative could be much useful, because it could project the talents of Tamil women in sports sphere in an International space.

6.    It also aims certainly awareness about sports to the woman of Tamil Nadu and facilitates that awareness to get the form of action by means of training, research and education activities from this academy.  

ON Media: Students of Srishti Madurai Sports Initiative headed by International Athlete Santhi Soundarajan (Jaya TV)
Athletes playing for State Level & National Level
Shoes Sponsored by Owner Seemati Garments, Myladthurai to the Students of Santhi Soundarajan


Elavarsi 2nd won Silver medal in 1500 meters at State  Junior Championships, Elavarsi is from poor family in Mayavaram, She was a child labour too, She don’t have good sports shoes but she have lot of determination


Santhi Soundarajan trainees won 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze total 6 medals at Tamil Nadu State Junior Athletics Meet held at Krishnagiri from 21-23 Oct  2016 & 2 girls are eligible for Nationals to represent Tamil Nadu.

Do pour in your continuous support to them 

Their travel & food were supported by S.G Suryah & Friends

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