The New Artist! – © J M John Marshal, Srishti School Of Dry Lab Art

In every corner of that lab
Arrays of descartian machines
Machines with brains and
Machines without brains!

The taste of machines
Iterating like an endless loop
Floods those petri dishes
And corrupts the agar seas!

Some protocols and procedures
Meaningless religious chants!
protocol driven monster machines!
A day to day violence over little friends!

Love never touches these microbes!
Count and kill, what else in the lab?
Biological factory machine!
Productive bitch!

In the absence of machine styles
It is filed of garland
In the rose agar surfaces
Beautiful clusters of bacterial blankets!

White stars in petri dishes!
Glowing with the music channeled from genes!
Let we tie the lab coats
As a performance artist!

Let we throw away all those books!
Let we burn all those protocols!
Discover the “life-unseen” with love
Transplant some hearts with art, in the molecular fields!

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