Poems of Pain – © Gopi Shankar

I – Torment

I am trying to run away from the torment of my flesh…

I am trying to run away from the unreal to real……

I am trying to run away from the voice of heart…

oh my mind be with me … my heart is full of pain

heal me with the eternal touch

make me to sit … i know i am a mad
clear my madness

i do not want to live on forms,

i do not want to live on words,

i do not want to live on thoughts,

i do not want to live on emotions……

Love me my heart…

you are the voice of yourself…. i said myself

then don’t believe in this mortal…

but love is immortal which leads human to be a mortal…

love is a homicide

you act as frombe…

get rid of my being i hate you because you love my pain…..

I love death ,,,,

though i aspire for death

who can say why, i live on

my destiny lies in one direction,

I am travelling another road…..

i love death…. its paining 

the words of my heart is unspoken language

there it got wounded in depth….

love does not let me die,

pain does not let me live…

i love death

to free myself from the burning sun  

II – Love

The most beautiful quality ………………..which is with meaning but meaningless ………………….simply handsome but beautiful too
not see the eyes of dark but not ugly 
questions are questions without purpose because there is no cause and purpose

…..This is not me my heart but This is truth and nothing is truth because there is no truth and false

no one knows nothing because there is no nothing because there is no, no in me

endless….will end….will not ….may be

love love love

III – Pain

My trust,
my promise,
my relation &
my heart…….. he is impregnable
i am not aware of his gaze emanated in my heart
to skiz & rift
it palpate my silence the four do’not make a noise but it pains a lot ………. 

IV – Real Joy

The Joy rise from the pain is immeasurable
oh i love pain because you are taking me to the depth of joy
to understand the reality around me &
to accept who i am i
beyond concepts & ideas….
i am happy
i am happy
i am happy
because i know the darkest part of happiness now…..

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