Newpapers mention Intersex person as Transgender. Case Of Intersex Person – Madras High Court Verdict


Nagalakshmi our sister got her constable job back.Yesterday (26.June.2014) the Madras high court asked the state government to reinstate a police constable who was dismissed after medical tests determined she was a Intersex (Intersex people are not transgenders) person. 

Again media did it …Newspapers mentioned a Intersex person as Transgender  very often this is happening in India….I don’t know whether the Judges and the people who involved in this case are aware of that she is a intersex person but not a Transexual or transgender She is not a Transexual or Transgender she is a Intersex person …. The challenge is that some thing it is dangerous to add Intersex to Transgender or transexuals or LGBQ issues as in some countries it is still so homophobic & transphobic that it could hurt intersex people more there to be directly associated.
Nagalakshmi had a good track record in sports, NCC and academics.

She is a National Level Athlete, friend of Shanthi Soundarajan. She performed well in the written examination, physical test and personal interview and was selected for the post of Grade-II police constable. “Women police recruits have to undergo a medical check for pregnancy. During this exercise, it was found that this particular constable was a Intersex person. She had qualified based on the physical standards set for women. After a preliminary enquiry, the person was dismissed from service,”

Nagalakshmi participated in selection trials conducted by the Uniformed Services Recruitment Board for women police constables and was selected. The state police on February,16, 2013 appointed her as constable. Before her training started, police officers made her undergo a medical examination at Thanjavur Medical College. A team of six doctors certified that she was medically fit.

During training in Villupuram, officers sent her for a medical checkup that included a gender test. The doctor issued a certificate stating that Nagalakshmi is a pseudohermaphrodite (Intersex condition). The principal of the training school informed her parents that she was not a woman, She was put to “intolerable mental agony, ridicule and torture” over her gender. The principal also forced her to write her resignation in which she was made to state that she wanted to quit because she had a cardiac problem.

her shocked parents appealed to the Superintendent of Police not to make public the reason for her dismissal. Their parents are unaware of Intersex issues and they are thinking that their daughter is a Transgender person and that was the reason the police officials quoted too.

The state police accepted her resignation on March 8, 2013. She then moved the Madras high court, seeking that it direct the state to reinstate her. The superintendent of police, Thanjavur, said in a counter affidavit that there had been no “malafide intentions” for removing Nagalaskshmi and she resigned of her “own volition”.

Justice S Nagamuthu said Nagalakshmi was born as a female and recognised as a woman by society. But she was “misbranded” as a transsexual. “Whether such a finding about sexual identity based on medical examination by a doctor can be accepted is debatable,” the judge said.

But Still Justice was not served for Santhi Soundarajan ……….

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