What is Androgyny ?

Androgyny is the concept that someone can be between genders and/or inlabelable and/or has aspects that can be attributed to the opposite sex. Brilliant really, you can go into any toilet you want and not bat an eyelid. An Androgynous appearance can indicate one of two things. One, that a person considered him/her/hir self to be between genders, that no label can be attached to him/her/hir, or that they just really REALLY like to confuse people.

How to spot an androgyn

Look at the person next to you. Can you tell what sex s/he is for sure? And I don’t mean a passable transsexual, I mean REALLY you don’t have a fookin’ clue whether this person is male or female. NO! DON’T ASK IF S/HE’S A GUY OR A GIRL! S/he’ll beat you to within an inch of your life.
Right, just watch him/her/hir. Look at the way s/he behaves, ok and…OH, s/he has a girl/boyfriend, but could s/he be a lesbian? I have no idea!!!! Right, s/he’s going to the toilet ok…ok…ummm, DAMN IT IT’S A UNISEX TOILET! How can you tell what s/he is?!!! Right, s/he’s come out the toilet. Now wha…Fuck s/he knows I’m looking. S/he’s given me the finger, damn s/he’s gone.

What to do when you meet an androgyn

First thing you must not do is ask ‘Are you a dude or a girl’, as s/he will either confuse you or beat you vigourously. You may talk to the androgyn but whatever you do DON’T MENTION THE ANDROGYNY.
Also, don’t believe that you won’t meet an androgyn, because YOU WILL, really, you will! Trust me!

Androgynous identities

For those who identify as androgynous, there are many of those who identify with terms within this large umbrella term. Before I start, imagine a spectrum with the most eye crushingly masculine man possible at one end, and the most Effeminate woman at the other end. Please take into mind though that these are just the percieved understandings of one rambling idiot and may not be how things are for most people (Well this is uncyclopedia after all). Ready?
  • Gender Neutral (neutrois): Where one’s gender identity is standing in the center, one foot on the male half, the other on the female half.
  • Bi-gender: Where one’s gender identity would be neutral, but would swing from time to time from male to female juuuuuust slightly.
  • Gender fluid: Where one’s gender identity would run up and down the spectrum like a hyperactive child on Red Bull.
  • Genderqueer: Where the person’s gender identity flips the bird at the gender spectrum and goes off to play with the light spectrum.
  • Genderless: Where a person’s gender identity doesn’t appear on the gender spectrum and just sits at home reading manga.
  • Polygender: Where a person’s gender clone’s itself and goes to two separate points on the spectrum.

Why Androgyny

There are several reasons for androgyny. These range from an expression of gender identity that is primarily neutral, or the opposite to his/her sex or because s/he FUCKING CAN! Nine out of ten times it’s the former.

Famous androgyns

  • Oscar Wilde
  • The Stig (Lets face it, we don’t know what he is).
  • You
  • Michael Jackson (Note, Not all Androgyns are eccentric pedofiles, just Michael).
  • Brian Molko
  • Tedd of El goonish shive fame…
  • Scott of Ctrl alt del fame…
  • infact…
  • Think of any webcomic.
  • There’s bound to be a androgyn there somewhere….
  • Any anime, manga, or Japanese video game is bound to have an androgyn as well. This, however, is known as “bishounen,” which is Japanese for “Androgynous Boy,” so these characters are almost always male.

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