Join hands with Srishti

Dear friends

Love and greetings from Srishti Madurai
How many of us are aware of the fact that there are more than 20 types of genders apart from male and female? If such awareness were available then it might have saved lot of lives and reduced the discrimination against and within queer community.

Srishti is the first LGBTQ resource circle of Madurai & Coimbatore. Srishti aim to build a world based on equality, reciprocity, and interdependence, where people are free to express their sexuality as part of their broader human rights.
Srishti in view of these problems is planning to conduct the Alan Turing Rainbow festival to mark the birth centenary celebrations of Alan Turing, His contributions and awareness on the prejudice against queers. Moreover Asia’s first gender queer pride festival are planned to spread the knowledge and awareness on the diversity of gender and sexuality. Also for the first time in Madurai, the International film screening fest is planned to celebrated on 28th July 2012
The gender queer rainbow parade is planned to be celebrated on 29th July and it is from Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple to Gandhi museum.

Being a non-metro city it is the first time the pride parade is organized in Madurai. Srishti, runned only by the student volunteers requires lot of support to break the taboo nature of the subject via these activities. The program is supported by the famous film maker Leena Manimekalai and Anjali Gopalan, One of the most influential persons as listed by Times magazine and the one whose case filings against the section 377 had resulted in the decriminalization against homosexuality in India.
The way long pride month celebrations are starting from 22nd june to 29th july seminars & interactive session on Gender & sexuality are planned to be held at various schools & colleges in Madurai, all we need now is your support & help us to serve for a real humanitarian cause.

Yours in service of truth,
Srishti Madurai

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